Welcome to the Sea To Sky Field Hockey Club!

A non-profit organization for young athletes

We are a newly established field hockey club located on the North Shore of Vancouver serving members across the lower mainland through to Whistler. Our focus is to provide a club environment for members passionate about the sport of field hockey who are committed to playing at their highest level, wanting to compete year round and be a part of a social community that has fun both on and off the field. Founded on a core set of values, our philosophy is built on 3 key pillars:

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Skills Development

Sea To Sky offers continuous training programs led by senior qualified coaches with international experience who apply international standards and skills-development techniques. Understanding that field hockey is a team sport, training focuses on both individual and team skills development that promote growth in technical and tactical execution as well as an overall understanding of the game.

We also believe that to teach proper field hockey, time on the field is important. As a result, we offer a minimum of 3 hours of training per week.

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Social Environment

We believe a key part of enjoying any sport is the social interactions that take place both on and off the field. At Sea-to-Sky, we offer a club environment that encourages players, coaches and families to be involved long after the final whistle blows. We provide the opportunity to meet new people who share a passion.

By building a culture of “team first” and fostering a supportive environment where individuals become the best they can through the power of teamwork, we create life long friends and enjoyment of the sport of field hockey. 

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Competitive & Enjoyable Play

We believe applying skills in a competitive game setting while having fun is an important part of playing field hockey at the highest level. As a result, we play year round with teams competing in the local leagues with other Lower Mainland teams and in provincial tournaments.

We also create more than just an on-field experience by providing opportunities to travel internationally to compete and socialize with clubs similar to ours. 


Our Beginnings...

Sea To Sky Field Hockey Club was established in 2016 and inspired by the founders Ronald & Stefanie Prins, Gary Boddington (Olympian) and Peter van den Berg who all grew up with a different “Hockey is a way of life” experience.


Now as parents they wanted their children to flourish and create their own experiences in a social club where kids are playing year round, being trained by pro- coaches and belong to a team with the chance of playing in tournaments around the world.

So Ronald & Stefanie “the doers”, Gary “the voice of reason” and Peter “the dreamer” started sharing their views and quickly Cecily Heras, David & Elaine Weiss and Sonia Bonnor jumped on board and together they made it happen. Sea-to-Sky FHC was born. 

+ Ronald Prins, Founder, Board Member, President

“My family was part of HIC, a large field hockey community in the outskirts of Amsterdam, so it was without asking that I was signed up for the sport at the age of 7. Both my parents, as well as other relatives like uncles, aunts and cousins were very much involved with the daily running of our club. Therefore it was not daunting, but an exciting challenge for me to start a new club on the North Shore.

I want others to experience the same comradery, commitment and enjoyment of the sport that I have had throughout my whole life. For over 30 years I have played with my original junior teammates, such an amazing experience.

I truly believe that sport will bring people together, and if you learn the proper skills at a young age, you will benefit for the rest of your life. With Sea To Sky FHC I hope to bring to the North Shore the same childhood experience I had by expanding players' enjoyment of field hockey which will create life long memories.”

+ Stefanie Prins, Founder, Board Member, Member-at-Large

“I started playing field hockey along with my whole family at the age of 7 in The Netherlands and I am still playing. I spent most of my weekends on the practise patch beside the field where I made friends, goofed around and shared my money to buy treats. These early years along with the good field hockey skills I was taught formed me into a very passionate life-long field hockey player who not only loves the game, but also the social activities that come with it.

These days I am part of a senior travel team with whom I share my passion and enthusiasm both on and off the field. I have had the privilege to play with New Zealand National team players aged 60 years and older who still played a very impressive game.

My wish for everyone who joins the Sea-to-Sky FHC is to learn proper field hockey skills and to engage in the social scene that comes with a small and tight community.”

+ Gary Boddington, Founder, Board Member, Technical Director

Currently living in West Vancouver with my wife Dawn and teenagers - daughter Kate, and son Tom, I am active in various projects in Vancouver’s vibrant Technology Startup sector, and am also passionate about the game of field hockey having established a network of close friends through participation in the game globally. I see my contribution to the founders of Sea to Sky Field Hockey club as an opportunity to “pay it forward” for the future generations of field hockey players in my adopted country, Canada.

During my sports career I consider myself privileged to have represented South Africa in Field Hockey, Ice Hockey and Indoor Hockey respectively. Specifically, in my field hockey career, I consider myself fortunate to have been part of a successful provincial program and team that over my career accumulated 9 Gold and 5 Silver South African Inter Provincial Hockey medals. I went on to represent, and at various times captain, the South African Universities team, the South African Junior National team, and the South African Senior National teams respectively. I ultimately earned 104 international test caps, and was a member of South Africa’s first post-apartheid national field hockey team to participate in the FIH Hockey World Cup in Sydney in 1994, and also at the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.

In 1995, I was awarded the “Player of the Tournament” award at the Africa Cup, and in 1992, was recognized as the South African Hockey Association’s “Player of the Year“.

+ Peter van den Berg, Founder

In 1998, I came to Vancouver for a work exchange program. Not knowing anybody, I started looking into playing field hockey. The only person I knew here gave me the name of someone who was playing. I showed up for a practice and within a week I became a member of the Jokers and was playing for the Premier team. The club and the team gave me a sense of belonging far away from home. And I met my wife during the Vancouver International Tournament. Field hockey gave me a lot and in return; I coached teams and served on the board of FHBC, VMFHL and the VRC Jokers. It shaped my life and made me who I am today. Now as parents it’s time to give our kids the possibility to create their own field hockey experiences and memories.

+ Cecily Heras, Board Member, Secretary, Registrar

Since arriving here in 2006, I have been an active participant in the West Vancouver community through fundraising projects, event planning and various club involvement. I am now an enthusiastic member of the Sea-to-Sky family and I look forward to the day when my own young daughter will join the team and develop her field hockey skills.

+ David Weiss, Board Member, Member-at-Large

Sports has always been an important part of my life. Having participated competitively in both individual and team l sports, I am a strong believer that the skills, experience and relationships you develop as a member of a sports club extend well beyond the pitch and locker room. In fact, I attribute much of my success leading and being part of teams in the business environment to lessons I learned through sport. I want to provide opportunities for young people to have these same experiences. That is why for the past 7 years, I have been a Board member of the BC Sports Hall of Fame focusing on having Honoured members share their inspirational stories with youth across British Columbia to encourage their participation in sport. It is also why I am excited to be a part of the Sea-to-Sky Field Hockey Club. The principles of the Club are founded on the philosophy that sport is more than what takes place on the pitch. It is about being the best you can be, developing skills and friends for life and having fun along the way.

+ Sonia Bonner, Board Member, Treasurer

I have been an ardent supporter and field hockey parent for close to 10 years. I am in accounting with one of BC's largest insurance brokerages and am an active director in a private technology firm. "I'm excited about the opportunities Sea-to-Sky FHC provides, for our kids to pursue their passion and to work hard, play smart, and have fun!"

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We also offer programs for the ongoing development of Senior and Junior coaches who will have the opportunity to learn from and coach along side our experienced coaching staff. Interested in learning more? Get started today through our contact form.